We used QR codes, Google Forms, Tagxedo and Padlet to create poetry on the iPad.

After being inspired by @ThisIsLiamM, an ambitious first session was planned for Class 5. Creating word clouds on Tagxedo, to aid the personification poetry, the class realised they lacked some quality words. These were hastily provided by the children, utilising two excellent google docs forms (one for inanimate objects and another for human characteristics). A selection of 150 words were submitted to Tagxedo, before being shared with the class. Selecting an inanimate object from one word cloud and a human characteristic from another, the children created lines of poetry based on Kit Wright’s ‘The magic box’ recording their early responses on a Padlet wall.20131019-013943

With the added dimension of QR codes, introduced to the children for the first time, the children were able to access three google docs forms and the Padlet wall. Every child wrote a series of poetic lines, personifying an inanimate object, before stealing the best and improving (which linked very nicely with our starter –  to improve a boring sentence). A fantastic session of poetry resulted in some superb writing of which the children ought to be very proud. Click the link to the Padlet wall and Tagxedo. Thanks again @ThisIsLiamM for the inspiration.


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