We created a Padlet for collaboration and for #padletbombing

Earlier this academic year, I had heard many positive musings about Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences App that I finally relented and purchased my very own. It was money well spent. Using the ideas contained within has allowed ‘my two’ Year 3/4 classes writing to flourish. Initially unaware of any order to the progression, and following a chance conversation with @ThisIsLiamM and @SwayGrantham on Twitter I was armed with a copy of a whole school progression document. @SwayGrantham discussed the possibility of collaboration with our class, as she was following the ideas each week with her own, as I intended to do. The obvious solution for sharing was via a Padlet wall and our first (for writing/sharing 2a sentences) was created.  @ThisIsLiamM has recently blogged about #padletbombing, a phrase coined late one night and has since some excellent display ideas (for which we were #eduspammed!). Now after completing four weeks of our experimental journey, into the sharing of our finely crafted sentences, I am now beginning to wonder how the children could respond to each others sentences, discussing ways to improve their work further . . .

I will share my solution to commenting in a later post.


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